Run Away Writer.

It’s a new city, but I’m still the same person. Minus the drama, with the addition of new friends and a dream to move on, I’ve come to Ahmedabad; the city of dancing peacocks, jumping monkeys and more food than would ever be required. The thoughts are the same, but the life is a different one. Each day almost surprises me, makes me smile.. makes me wonder.. makes me realize.

Follow my new blog, read about my roller coaster rickshaw rides, 9am parties, construction disasters and late night saucy conversations. The moon’s never shone brighter, the stars sometimes still shining with bright memories, but with the cool wind and new conversations, memories seem to fade away.

There’s a new friend I’ve come to make, Silence is her name. I’ve come to accept her as a friend, not foe; someone who makes me think, challenges me and many a times, comforts me.

I’m still the same girl, I’ve just got a new world.


I’m the Run Away Writer, ready to explore, ready to smile and definitely, ready to write.


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