The Last Piece of the Puzzle – Patience.

“I want to wake up next to you one day.” I pressed send.

“I want to wake up next to you one day, I want to be one of those women who help you in your journey. I want to be one of the many women who have helped you, maybe not to find your purpose, but to find a path… an answer, or maybe just a question. But one day, I’d like to wake up next to you.” Send.

“I’d like that.” His reply.

“Mind you, my journey has never been an easy one, the paths I walk on have been full of turbulence and insanity.” His reply.

“But our paths will cross. And it will be fun.” His reply.

“I think we have a lot of surprises yet to come.” Send.

“I say cheers.” His reply.

“I enjoy talking to you.” Send.

“I was going to the say the same.” His reply.

“Even though you do most of the talking.” His reply.

“You’re comfortable to talk to.” I smiled. Send.

“I really like your picture, by the way.” His reply.

“J” Send.

“Thank you.” Send.

“Kinda melancholic, kinda hot.” His reply.

“*blush*” Send.

“Would’ve  been hotter if I had clicked it.” His reply.

“Haha… Next time.” Send.

“So tell me, what goes on in your mind at night?” Send.

“Wow.” His reply.

“I’ve never been asked that before.” His reply.

“It’s a meandering mindscape. Post midnight, the mind gets groovy.” His reply.

I laughed.

“Tell me some…” Send.

“I think you’re the kind of person who one could either fall asleep smiling next to, or lie awake, nights would pass, deep in thoughts.” Send.

“I’ve always wondered.” Send.

“Tons of stuff. All day… At night though, some nights, I sleep content. Hahaha, thank God for that.” His reply.

“My mind races. Gallops.” His reply.

“You do seem oddly content in life.” Send.

“You remind me of what peace should be in this century of absolute chaos and nothingness.” Send.

“I think I’ve mastered the art of deception. And concealing.” His reply.

“I wonder what makes us truly content? Sometimes I think I behave petty and immature when I go through phases like the one I’m stuck in now. But these times, the make me stubborn. And my heart tells my mind it will be content only when it finds absolute true and selfless love.” Send.

“I thought I had that part nailed. And then boom ! I ran away… in some sense.” Send.

“True and selfless love, ah my love, that is one tough quest you’re on.” His reply.

“Maybe it doesn’t even exist.” His reply.

“I know it does, because I have loved selflessly.” Send.

“I do know one thing…” His reply.

“Tell me…” Send.

“Good things come to those who wait.” His reply.

“Patience is power.” His reply.

“Patience is underrated.” His reply.

“Patience is painful.” Send.

“Hahaha. True.” His reply.

“It’s tough.” His reply.

“But it works.” His reply.

“Patience teaches patience.” Send.

“Exactly.” His reply.

“Wish there was an app for this.” Send.

“I like talking to you.” His reply.

“Me too.” Send.

“I’d like to leave the country though, one day.” His reply.

“To run?” Send.

“Thankfully, no.” His reply.

“I need to wander more.” His reply.

“A wanderer; I always thought you’d be one. I seem to be meeting a couple of those lately.” Send.

“Going from place to place, with your bags and memories; not the pictures we pose for, but the kinds you remember over a glowing bonfire under a starry cold sky.” Send.

“All in good time.” His reply.

“Good things come to those who wait, someone wise once told me.” Send.

“Wait for Godot. And you shall meet him.” His reply.

“Do you want to?” Send.

“You know what I mean.” His reply.

“Hahaha. Yes. I do.” Send.

“So you’d wait?” Send.

“I would like to.” His reply.

“You can teach me.” Send.

“Waiting gives birth to hope.” His reply.

“Like catharsis.” His reply.

“Hope has never been kind to me.” Send.

“Do good and wait; Karma always has your back.” His reply.

“So what do you think about at night?” His reply.

“Nothing in particular, but sometimes a lot at once.” Send.

“You know, I’d love to wake up next to you someday.” His reply.

“Me too.” Send.

The conversation went on and on, up until the first rays of sunlight. I slept with a smile on my face, and a new mission in my heart. It was time to stop writing, it was time to stop hurting. The path of heaviness, sorrow, and looking back has now reached its end. There is a lot that one needs to understand; goodbyes are one of life’s hardest lessons, but its one that I need to understand better than myself. The safety of my friends, the love for myself, the togetherness of my family; sorrow is only a mere interruption in my life.


Life is a puzzle, I’ve always believed that, I thought my missing piece would be found in t he form of another’s love, but I was wrong from the beginning, the missing puzzle piece is Patience – I will wait for me to fall in love with myself.

And from there, will begin my new journey.

Until then, this is the last of me to you.

May you find your patience. 

Always remember, Anything Could Happen



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