A Fairy Tale For Adults.


“The real dragons never die, but you still have the right in your life, to live out an adult fairy tale.” – Adultery, Paulo Coehlo.

There are a lot of book out there that are written and created to help others with a journey that the author has himself set out to seek. Some would put these under self-help, others would push them away for fear of being judged and then there are some, that only when you reach the last page, the last sentence, you realise that it helped you more than you imagined it would.

Paulo Coehlo’s Adultery is one such book, it’s a book that while I wouldn’t be entirely convinced of it being my one of my favourite Coelho’s, it definitely did stir up something unusual within me. I have to confess, I haven’t met a lot of readers who take too kindly to his writing. In fact, there have been many who have even tried to convince me otherwise – but there is something in Coelho’s words that touched my soul from the first time I set my eyes on his words.

If you’re a new addition to the Coelho Club, I would strongly suggest that you start with The Alchemist, it was one of my favourites and always will be a book that I hold closest to my heart. But that is a review that deserves a lot of time, to construct every word and thought of mine carefully so as to try and give the book the justice that it deserves.

For now, its time to look at a woman. She’s a fantastic woman – she is living the perfect life, with a loving husband, darling children and has a respectable job that she is passionate about. So where’s the problem?

“Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you are.”

And that’s when it begins. It’s not self-doubt mind you, it’s monotony. She is unaware of how and why the goals that she had set out for herself years ago, now after having them all achieved neatly under her belt are weighing her down. It is true that sometimes, life may not go as we have planned, and it is also true that sometimes there are several factors that are the reason for this – but what happens, when life goes exactly as planned, every tiny detail that you dreamed out, you see it in reality, around you.

When exactly does chaos hit you – does it come slowly, like a rising tide? Or does it come all at once, sucking you in before you even realise where you are, and why you’re surrounded by darkness.

This is a story of self-destruction, a story of forgiveness, a story of love, passion, lust and most importantly, a story of self-realisation. While you would wonder why I am recommending this book, it’s not because of any bias to the author, it’s because of the way in which this story moved me.

It’s the way this story at first made me want to put the book away, and then taught me a very important lesson of life, life and more importantly, of following your dreams.

Dreams have a way of turning into reality, if you focus enough. And anyone who is a fan of the theory, “the Universe always conspires to give you what you want,” then you may already be a witness to the way some of your wishes have a way of turning into reality. Some dreams, however, are better left un-lived. Some dreams, they are better left behind in the early morning thoughts on your pillow. This story will ask you to question your dreams, and ask yourself to question your dreams, and wonder why, why are you so keen, on seeing this dream turn into a reality?

So pick up Adultery, and let yourself dream, ask yourself questions, and if you’re strong enough, listen to those answers.

“Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you are.”


Disclaimer: The link to the book takes you to www.flipkart.com – Do note that Flipkart does not promote this blog, or is not associated with this blog in any manner. All views mentioned above are solely my own, and no author or outside party has influenced this post, my opinion of the author, or the review of the book in any manner.


Darling, Steal the Show.

Have you experienced this feeling,
It’s almost like your heart’s beating several beats too quickly,
But all that does,
Is make you sway your hips,
Bring out a hint of a smile on your lips.
Your hair, open and dancing, with the cool Mumbai breeze,
Your teeth slowly, gently, biting your lip.
Maybe you twirl,
Maybe there are lyrics in your head,
And when it all strikes together,
You’ll light up the world.
Light up the world.
Your heart’s beating to the music of your soul,
to the music of tonight.
It’s just you, and those eyes.
Dark, soulful, you could possibly find-
All the answers to the Universe hidden in them.
Eyes of an angel,
Eyes of the devil,
Call them what you will,
But one look into them is when your heart spins.
Spins you out of control.
Spin. Thrill. Fall in Love.
They’re eyes that have loved,
Moved On,
Stolen the Show,
And then loved all over again.
They’re eyes that take over your soul.
Your breath.
Your life.
Your world.
Your universe.
And the lifetimes you have left to live.
Hear the applause.
Feel your heart beat.
Have you ever experienced this feeling,
When you look into the mirror? 
2013-06-21 08.48.05

Break That Habit.

After a long trip, one tends to introspect; there are moments of your life that come flashing by, as you sit at a new cafe that you discovered, on an unknown cobbled street. Maybe sipping a coffee, maybe lighting a cigarette, or maybe while just sitting there, staring at the lines on the map in front of you that almost seem to mimic the ones you find on your palm.
A significant part of you is satisfied, you have that job you’ve dreamed of, you have fabulous friends, some getting that much awaited promotion, some finding new love, and some, starting a new journey with their significant others. The lines on their palm, their destiny, taking them further and further away; showing them different sights and sounds, a journey as unexpected as one you’d have if you were to choose a random lane along the map and followed it through.
I was having one of these moments. The hot coffee lay next to me, untouched, my eyes staring straight ahead at the medieval castle ahead of me, my thoughts, scattered.
I tried to focus on something, maybe the intricate designs on the clock in the tower ahead of me? Or maybe I could people watch and day dream along with them? Maybe…. Whatever it was, I knew that I had to stop myself from trying to answer the dreaded question that was rising inside of me, “Am I truly satisfied with where I am right now?” – Is this, this exact moment where I am, the reason that I took all those decisions in the past – good or bad, but taken them none the less, just to be here, in this time and place. Today.
I don’t know what I was doing there, but I knew that there was one face that made me feel warm. From far away, there was one voice that I had to speak to. One soul that I had to share this moment with, and as I searched for my phone to find dial his number, the glow on my face grew warmer, and my smile wider.
Tonight, as I reminisce about a city that took my heart away in an instant, I also think about that part of me that I seemed to have left behind, rather that part of us.
Life is not all about being entirely happy, or sad, or having everything or even loosing it all. It’s about the challenges that’s thrown at us – no matter how stubborn a heart, one day he too will fall in love. No matter how romantic a soul, one day her heart will be broken. But the challenge is that when you find something, and in this day and age of emotions flowing in 140 characters or less, when you find that one person who makes you smile, even if for a while, I believe that it’s worth the risk. It’s worth the few extra hours of sleep, it’s worth the fight that turned you into an ugly monster for a night, it’s worth the tears that you leave on your pillow as you put on the biggest smile you can in the morning. Life, just like the lanes of the map, would be centric and a rather dull tale to tell if we never explored the paths and emotions that came our way. A new city is only as much fun to discover as the number of alleys and lanes that it has – the amount of space that it can let a traveller roam.
It’s discovery. And it’s magical. It’s a journey, not a duty. It’s life, not a job. You can’t apply for another one when this is gone.
The lines on the map, the outline of the flowing river, it didn’t show, but I knew that it opened up to the sea… I knew that the roads here didn’t just end at the edges of this map. There was a lot more left to discover, just like there is a lot more left to discover for me, as is for you.
Take a chance, walk down a different road, leave that castle, throw away that cigarette, walk into the unknown. Break that habit. Write her a postcard. Hug him when you see him. Tell your mother you miss her. Take your father out to dinner. Remind your best friend of that time when you’ll laughed so much you couldn’t breathe. Talk to yourself. Be brave. Find that new path, widen those horizons, throw away that ego, pick up the phone. Eat that french fry; but also go walk at sunrise.
When someone looks at the lines of your life, let it be complicated, elaborate, some should run through crossroads, others over rivers and seas. Let them know, that this life was an explored one. A complete one. A satisfied one. Let them be inspired, to find their own paths, to map their own journeys, to introspect and at the end of it all, most importantly, to have a fatigued smile on that sun-kissed face.

A Confession, with a Story.

Sometimes, you feel your head may explode. All these thoughts, wandering around – questions debating the past, answers foreseeing the future, people all around you begging you to relax, with green tea or otherwise. But sometimes, all that really can help, is a nice long scream. An uninhibited, long, soul-piercing scream. The kinds that you hear in an eerie film, when the protagonist knows that she’s facing Death, and is no longer going to experience the pleasures of the world, be it big ones like love and hatred, or smaller ones like snap-chatting or finding the perfect pizza diner.

It’s a scream that breaks all the rules of the Universe; all the rules that once helped Man, the rules that help keep stability, peace and order in the Universe and beyond. Strangely though, this is a scream of relief, yes, I said scream. For it is not a sigh… it can’t be one. A sigh keeps you warm, leaves you at rest, in peace. This one however, it leaves you in pieces.

I guess sometimes you have to shatter though a lot of unwanted mess around you, in order to become entirely raw. To be so completely free of yourself, your dreams, your fears or your nightmares, that you can see yourself as someone scarred, someone who needs a new fresh beginning. Time does not heal wounds, neither do scars turn into faint memories. All of it stays, growing on you, with you. All of it gathers dust, maybe even rust, and there’s no medicine, there’s no cure. There’s simply no escape.
Feel like screaming yet?
I thought so.
Go ahead then. I dare you.
Take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down the three things that scare you, hurt you or you fear from the most. I don’t mean ghosts, or demons, or even your Boss. I mean literally scare you – things like loneliness, anorexia, or even dementia. Entering a time of your life when nothing, or no one around seems to make sense… it’s not ‘depression’ per say, but it’s a time in life when relief only comes through acknowledgment from others. Whether it’s the comment a friend made on your pictures, or the way he held your hand when you believed his words of lust to be love. It’s all from the outside, the look of pride, or the lack of it in your father’s eyes, the way your Boss hangs on to your every word, or merely asks you to remember how he takes his coffee.
It’s only until very recently, that I understood the true meaning of life. It was explained to me in the most simplest manner possible, and it is this I need to share with you.
“There are only two things that the blessed receive, their true inner passion or calling, and the other being true love.” These words, they were the piercing scream that my soul needed to hear.
No matter who, or what situation life throws at you, there are always two ways to look at it. Whether through rose-tinted glasses, as many of my friends believe I do, or whether it’s through the telescope of a cynic. Either way, reality is much further away than we would have imagined it to be.
As for me, tonight reality seems further closer than I had expected. I’m going to tell you a story, and it’s your choice whether to stop here, or read on. Don’t worry, if you do decide to stop, there’s not much you would have missed, for this is no extraordinary tale, it’s a tale about love, heartbreak, strength, despair and most importantly, the soul-piercing scream.
As always, my greatest setback, never knowing where to begin from. But as most great writers suggest, the ending seems to be the perfect start.
The end is a sad one. I stared at the blank screen before me and wondered how long it would be before I drifted off to sleep, hopefully tonight, with no dreams. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not had any pills, or abused any substance… well, barring the Panadol that I just took to stop my sneezes from ripping through my tired head. Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore lies next to me, untouched, but tonight, even his words do not seem to soothe me. 
I stared at the blank screen, wondering if I should attempt to finish a story I was working on. My mind seems to have decided otherwise, and the heart, well let’s not go there. 
Being the end of the story, let me just pause for a second here to ‘give away the ending’ since isn’t that what endings do anyway? 
Yes. He left, and no, it wasn’t love for him. 
Day 6: I’ve deleted all the messages, I’ve put my phone on silent and bid adieu to the sweet thoughts of his that once used to make me blush and smile. He’s probably boarding a flight now, a long holiday with cousins, or so he said. Every word, every story seems questionable. My phone now void of all apps that make a picture brighter, a status more liked, or a smile a little deeper. 
A friend once told me, to live a relationship, or meet a person as if it were the last time. I think that’s what I did, and being this great actress that I am, I convinced him that it was the end before we could even have a beginning it seems. 
Day 5: We kissed. It was magical. Actually, I remember thinking that he bites a bit much. I was also a little too engrossed in the film he had paused. Oh, and I was thinking about the flare of my patiala and whether he would understand that it’s meant to be ‘over-sized’ or would he think it’s me? So many thoughts. I think I didn’t even pay attention to that kiss. I wonder, was this the beginning to the end? 
Day 4: He sent me songs, I sang them in my head. I searched for a goodbye or a fleeting sign of farewell in them. Finding none, I began to doubt his intentions. He asked me if I would be alright if he dropped me home today after work. I asked him ‘Why?’ I was foreign to acts of kindness. Did he take this as a sign of indifference to him being around me? Hell, maybe I am a great actress. Anyway, he did drop me home. We were listening to ‘Dirty Paws‘ when he took my hand in his. He dropped me home with a smile wider than my face. 
Day 3: We met at the Club, a few friends of mine tagged along… some were genuinely interested to meet ‘Boy’. I, on the other hand was wondering if my top really looked that good on me. He smiled when he saw me. We held hands under the table, drank beer and whiskey and he seemed genuinely concerned when I fought with a friend who prodded me about failed relationships. He sent me a text, ‘I can’t promise you this will work, but I will never cheat on you.’ That night a small tear slid down my cheek. I felt blessed. 
Day 2: It was probably a beer too many, but we laughed, we confessed secrets, we spoke for hours, we shared favourite TV shows and menthol cigarettes. But when I went home, the stars were shining a little brighter, and the world’s troubles seemed a little lighter. We made a promise to see each other again. 
Day 1: I downloaded a dating app, and wondered if this is where I would finally meet, the one I’m supposed to, for the rest of my life. 
Feel like screaming yet?

Run Away Writer.

It’s a new city, but I’m still the same person. Minus the drama, with the addition of new friends and a dream to move on, I’ve come to Ahmedabad; the city of dancing peacocks, jumping monkeys and more food than would ever be required. The thoughts are the same, but the life is a different one. Each day almost surprises me, makes me smile.. makes me wonder.. makes me realize.

Follow my new blog, read about my roller coaster rickshaw rides, 9am parties, construction disasters and late night saucy conversations. The moon’s never shone brighter, the stars sometimes still shining with bright memories, but with the cool wind and new conversations, memories seem to fade away.

There’s a new friend I’ve come to make, Silence is her name. I’ve come to accept her as a friend, not foe; someone who makes me think, challenges me and many a times, comforts me.

I’m still the same girl, I’ve just got a new world.

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I’m the Run Away Writer, ready to explore, ready to smile and definitely, ready to write.


So it has been a while since I’ve been able to write. With all the running around this city has got me doing; along with fabulous sufi nights, long evenings with a bottle of Pinky and of course, my various attempts at being the Masterchef in my kitchen.

It’s been a great run, these past two months, something quite out of the ordinary. I’ve always thought of writing, but day after day, an excuse to procrastinate would come up and I would chase it thoroughly.

I dreamed of peacocks last night. They were flying around me, I was trying to click a picture of them. Even in my dreams they reminded me of Him. I was watching the Peacocks, two of them were babies and the big male peacock was dancing around them, not letting me close enough. I tried to, but his dance was only too mesmerizing for me. I waited, and watched, he continued dancing. I don’t know where exactly the dream went from there, but it was enough for me to wake up with that familiar feeling deep inside me.

It’s been two months now since I have been here in this new city. It’s been a great experience, and an even better distraction. But now, funny thing about memories, you can change your city more than a hundred times, travel the world and meet beautiful women, dance your past away, or sing under the bright moon for a stranger. But memories, they come back in the most unimaginable ways.

A late night conversation with a new friend, some songs with the perfect lyrics, or the way the stars shine outside your balcony reenacting a long, now forgotten cold January night. Memories come back, and that’s the one eventual truth.

So it’s almost been two months since I have stopped the memories, stopped the past, stopped the world almost. But now it’s time for the inevitable, it’s time to go back. A friend told me to stop writing for a while, read a book instead… watch some movies, meet new people, discover a city the way it should be. Run around the dusty roads with Google maps and broken gujrati, jump in and out of rickshaws in a dress that was a little short for the night. Eat. Eat to your hearts content. Find new places that have the perfect tiramisu, or the most serene coffee; find it, eat it. And that’s what I did, I clicked no pictures, unlike most of my passing days where every moment needed to be captured.

Here, now, I just watch. Watch and learn. For someone who used to love listening to the sound of her voice, I’ve started appreciating the words of others. Listening to their stories, searching in their eyes for something that would teach me more about them. I had decided to help someone, a stranger in whatever way I possibly could. And one hot afternoon, a stranger helped me in the kindest way possible. She shared her rickshaw with me, and spoke to me like a friend. Being the over-cautious me, I decided to take a chance, sober for a change, and found her company not only pleasant, but insightful.

My past asks me why I wish to be alone; the one girl who loved dressing up and dancing the night away – I was now sitting at home most Friday nights, watching movies and listening to new stories over coffee. Sometimes I listened to music, instead of dancing with the beats, I smiled to the lyrics. Many times I cried too, but these days, I’ve just been smiling.

Some people ask me why I write. With a powerful imagination like mine, I feel it safer knowing it’s in my hands, to rewrite my story, and give it the perfect ending a character like mine truly deserves.

A new city can do many things, it can literally make or break you. I decided. And that’s the best part about being a writer, I can rewrite. 

The Signs in Ahmedabad.

They say, with love, comes the bursting of tunes through your heart. With love, comes the unforgettable sway to your dancing hips. And with love, comes a burst of creativity – the ability to create, and at times even destroy.

All that, all with the simple euphoria of love rushing through your veins; a quiet blush, the late night talking, the whispered giggling, the soft muffled sighs and of course, the quiet touching under the blanket.

There is this burst of energy that comes through me when I think about Love; falling in love, being in love, or even thinking about making love. It’s a burst that rushes through and reaches my eyes.

“I saw her eyes shining bright… She was mesmerized.” Said one to my mother recently. We had gone to watch a performance, a play, the one I spoke about before, Natrani is the name of the amphitheatre, and it was more brilliant than anything I had ever seen before. Something tingled inside me, unsure of what it was, and mistaking it for something that lead to a steamy late night conversation with some flirting, a serious test of creativity and finally ending in nothing more than the frustration of long distance – I mean, it’s not like a relationship works that way, and here we were attempting a ‘fling-à-phone’!

The Universe sighed and decided to send me another sign. Taking the form of a dimpled boy that made my heart go thump at first sight, came the invitation to a native dance form, Garba, known to almost all non gujjus as the ‘Sunburn to Gujju’s’; with what looks like a hit of molly, round and round in colorful circles thousands of people dance all night to songs that I challenge you, can’t let you sit still. I watched in absolute amazement as not only this dimpled pleasure danced around in ways I have never seen, but even at those around him who didn’t seem to want to stop till the sun came out!

At a beautiful society, Kalhaar, I watched as men and women dressed up in the most exquisite clothes danced around in circles, each more beautiful than the other. Their smiles, their perfectly cut blouses, their swirling ghagras; everything about that night was perfect… Including the shining bright moon. It was only when I slept that night, I realized I had been smiling for some time now.

My smile, one of my favorite assets; coyly I continued smiling as I watched various episodes of New Girl, cuddled up into almost unfamiliar arms. While I happily nibbled on popcorn and had my hair twirled and played with, I felt that same burst inside of me. My brain went into overdrive, I recognized this wave of heat inside me in an instant. While it did take me a long night to realize that this burst wasn’t exactly the way it was supposed to be… I sighed into my morning after coffee, staring out into my new city, thinking and wondering…

The Universe stared down at me, someone else was nearing levels of frustration with me up there. It was time for another sign, another burst of energy that would rush through my veins; that would elevate me, and take my breath away. The tingling signs were near, the air was electric, and I have not felt more beautiful.

Wearing the perfect dress, my hair flipped perfectly, I made my way to A R Rahman’s musical evening. His tunes reached my hips, I swayed into the night; the smile was back. That rush was back. No doubt the memories came back, one’s mouth with words to make me blush, while another’s… well… let’s just say, the memories came back. The tingling all over, the smile, the rush and excitement… In that moment it hit me…

And so I came back, and decided to write. Passion and fury escaped through my fingers as I typed on and on into the night. I stopped and stared at what I had written so far.

I read, word after word, my smile spread, the excitement inside me growing minute by minute, the rush to my brain, my breath quickening, my teeth biting into my lips, my fingers faster now, much much faster, my eyes almost shut now…. And oooh my god !

It was perfect.

Breathless, I stared at my words. It was poetic, yet not. Funny, yet charming. Exciting, nail-biting… leaves you breathless…! I could already see the reviews. I could already hear the applause… It was beautiful.

The Universe smiled down at me as I realized something after my moment of laughing, dancing, singing and creativity, 

I am in Love.  

Run Away Writer.

Run Away Writer.

It’s a new city, but I’m still the same person. Minus the drama, with the addition of new friends and a dream to move on, I’ve come to Ahmedabad; the city of dancing peacocks, jumping monkeys and more food than would ever be required. The thoughts are the same, but the life is a different one. Each day almost surprises me, makes me smile.. makes me wonder.. makes me realize. 

Follow my new blog, read about my roller coaster rickshaw rides, 9am parties, construction disasters and late night saucy conversations. The moon’s never shone brighter, the stars sometimes still shining with bright memories, but with the cool wind and new conversations, memories seem to fade away.

There’s a new friend I’ve come to make, Silence is her name. I’ve come to accept her as a friend, not foe; someone who makes me think, challenges me and many a times, comforts me. 

I’m still the same girl, I’ve just got a new world. 

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I’m the Run Away Writer, ready to explore, ready to smile and definitely, ready to write. 

The Last Piece of the Puzzle – Patience.

“I want to wake up next to you one day.” I pressed send.

“I want to wake up next to you one day, I want to be one of those women who help you in your journey. I want to be one of the many women who have helped you, maybe not to find your purpose, but to find a path… an answer, or maybe just a question. But one day, I’d like to wake up next to you.” Send.

“I’d like that.” His reply.

“Mind you, my journey has never been an easy one, the paths I walk on have been full of turbulence and insanity.” His reply.

“But our paths will cross. And it will be fun.” His reply.

“I think we have a lot of surprises yet to come.” Send.

“I say cheers.” His reply.

“I enjoy talking to you.” Send.

“I was going to the say the same.” His reply.

“Even though you do most of the talking.” His reply.

“You’re comfortable to talk to.” I smiled. Send.

“I really like your picture, by the way.” His reply.

“J” Send.

“Thank you.” Send.

“Kinda melancholic, kinda hot.” His reply.

“*blush*” Send.

“Would’ve  been hotter if I had clicked it.” His reply.

“Haha… Next time.” Send.

“So tell me, what goes on in your mind at night?” Send.

“Wow.” His reply.

“I’ve never been asked that before.” His reply.

“It’s a meandering mindscape. Post midnight, the mind gets groovy.” His reply.

I laughed.

“Tell me some…” Send.

“I think you’re the kind of person who one could either fall asleep smiling next to, or lie awake, nights would pass, deep in thoughts.” Send.

“I’ve always wondered.” Send.

“Tons of stuff. All day… At night though, some nights, I sleep content. Hahaha, thank God for that.” His reply.

“My mind races. Gallops.” His reply.

“You do seem oddly content in life.” Send.

“You remind me of what peace should be in this century of absolute chaos and nothingness.” Send.

“I think I’ve mastered the art of deception. And concealing.” His reply.

“I wonder what makes us truly content? Sometimes I think I behave petty and immature when I go through phases like the one I’m stuck in now. But these times, the make me stubborn. And my heart tells my mind it will be content only when it finds absolute true and selfless love.” Send.

“I thought I had that part nailed. And then boom ! I ran away… in some sense.” Send.

“True and selfless love, ah my love, that is one tough quest you’re on.” His reply.

“Maybe it doesn’t even exist.” His reply.

“I know it does, because I have loved selflessly.” Send.

“I do know one thing…” His reply.

“Tell me…” Send.

“Good things come to those who wait.” His reply.

“Patience is power.” His reply.

“Patience is underrated.” His reply.

“Patience is painful.” Send.

“Hahaha. True.” His reply.

“It’s tough.” His reply.

“But it works.” His reply.

“Patience teaches patience.” Send.

“Exactly.” His reply.

“Wish there was an app for this.” Send.

“I like talking to you.” His reply.

“Me too.” Send.

“I’d like to leave the country though, one day.” His reply.

“To run?” Send.

“Thankfully, no.” His reply.

“I need to wander more.” His reply.

“A wanderer; I always thought you’d be one. I seem to be meeting a couple of those lately.” Send.

“Going from place to place, with your bags and memories; not the pictures we pose for, but the kinds you remember over a glowing bonfire under a starry cold sky.” Send.

“All in good time.” His reply.

“Good things come to those who wait, someone wise once told me.” Send.

“Wait for Godot. And you shall meet him.” His reply.

“Do you want to?” Send.

“You know what I mean.” His reply.

“Hahaha. Yes. I do.” Send.

“So you’d wait?” Send.

“I would like to.” His reply.

“You can teach me.” Send.

“Waiting gives birth to hope.” His reply.

“Like catharsis.” His reply.

“Hope has never been kind to me.” Send.

“Do good and wait; Karma always has your back.” His reply.

“So what do you think about at night?” His reply.

“Nothing in particular, but sometimes a lot at once.” Send.

“You know, I’d love to wake up next to you someday.” His reply.

“Me too.” Send.

The conversation went on and on, up until the first rays of sunlight. I slept with a smile on my face, and a new mission in my heart. It was time to stop writing, it was time to stop hurting. The path of heaviness, sorrow, and looking back has now reached its end. There is a lot that one needs to understand; goodbyes are one of life’s hardest lessons, but its one that I need to understand better than myself. The safety of my friends, the love for myself, the togetherness of my family; sorrow is only a mere interruption in my life.


Life is a puzzle, I’ve always believed that, I thought my missing piece would be found in t he form of another’s love, but I was wrong from the beginning, the missing puzzle piece is Patience – I will wait for me to fall in love with myself.

And from there, will begin my new journey.

Until then, this is the last of me to you.

May you find your patience. 

Always remember, Anything Could Happen